Benefits of Real Estate Investing

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Are you still investing in the Stock Market? Real Estate Investing can be much more rewarding!

Stop allowing the federal government to control YOU and your money. Make a Change NOW! (We're here to help.)
“One of my specialties is teaching Realtors how to generate an income off a property that has little to no equity besides doing a short sale and damaging a homeowners credit. In addition, how to generate an income up to 7 different ways off one property. One of my other specialties is to buy property with little to no money down and with no credit requirements. In addition, I generate an average of 20-45% rates of returns on my real estate investments. I also teach others how they can too” – Jim Sakalis

The Secret Formula to Financial Freedom

The Secret Formula to Financial Freedom with Kim Kiyosaki (Millennial Money).

On how Investing in Real Estate is much better than the 401k stock market.

Do you have Safe and Secured Investments?

Question: Would you like to be able to see, touch and control your investment?

Now you can! By working with The Freedom Investment Group through real estate investing your able to be apart of and in control the entire process your money goes through.

As long as I can remember people including myself invested in the stock market. We were told it will have its ups and its downs, but over time you will get a high rate of return on your cash investment.

Now YOU can’t see your investment, YOU can’t touch or control it, but its working to make YOU money! ” WHAT BS!” The sad thing is, we all bought into it.

Tell that to the hundreds of thousands of people who lost everything! A lot of them were too old to go back to work.

In case you forgot click here to see the percentages of what happened just in 2008. Its going to happen again too!

The Freedom Investment Group
Real Estate Investing

Real estate has been and always will be the best investment you can ever make

The only pitfall is not knowing where, when and how to buy.

The Founder of The Freedom Investment Group, Jim Sakalis has been investing in real estate since 1993. In addition, has partnered with other real estate guru’s that have been successful as well with even more experience.

With that being said, together we can become your greatest asset when investing with us. 
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Real Estate Partners

On average we have been generating our partnered investors annual rates of returns between 17-35%

Most recently as high as 64%

Most of these deals are coming from my own state of Michigan. Most other states would be excited with just a 6-10% annual rate of return which is still better than sticking your money in the bank.

So I ask this question~ “Where else can you have a cash investment get you that high of a return on a secured investment?”

Answer~No where that’s where.
Well don’t take my word for it, let us just show you.  CLICK Here to view a few past deals our company has done over the years.