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Atlanta Georgia home upside down mortgage

This family was going to loss his home to the bank. He was in an adjustable rate mortgage that kept going up while the property value keep going down. A refinance was out of the question.

Testimonial from Russell out of Knoxville TN

Russell thought there would be no way to get out of a property that needed work that he could not afford to repair. We took over the property as is and got him out from his payments as well.

Testimonial from Mary out of Atlanta Ga

Mary is an out of state flight attendant who had a condo in Atlanta with a tenant not paying her on time to cover the mortgage. The Balance owed was about what the market value was so paying Realtor fees to sell it was not an option.  

Testimonial from Tiffany from Susanville CA

Tiffany bought a property with her boyfriend and then 6 months later got a job transfer. With no real equity established and no time to try and sell we structured a lease purchase option with them and took over the payment obligations.

How a Lease Purchase Helped two families

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