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This website was created with YOU, the consumer in mind. As a Real Estate Expert I have always prided myself on creating win-win situations. Being in the field since 1993 and having bought and sold real estate in 33 states with more than 500+ Million dollars worth of real estate I have learned a lot (to say the least).

The one thing that always stands out, helping others always comes first.
Regardless of their situation me and my team can offer the best solution.

Here you will find one of the best resources and information on buying and selling real estate.
It doesn’t matter if you are a traditional home owner wishing to sell your property for top Dollar, or a property that has become a burden, my team and I have got you covered.

Should you be in the market to purchase a property as an investor or a traditional buyer we offer a lot of options as well.

I don’t claim to be a Mr. know it all “so to speak”, but I continue surrounding myself with successful people to increase my education, resources as well as my network.

Please take a look around our website and thanks so much for stopping on by.


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Jim Sakalis Founder of The Freedom Investment Group