Past Deals in Real Estate Investing

Introduction – Smart Investments in Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Past Investment Deals

Are Your Investments Protected?

If you currently have money setting in your savings, CD, or heaven forbid in a 401k look at putting your money into something with guaranteed positive returns.

The worse thing in the world is putting your money into something intangible as well not having control of the results. By investing with – The Freedom Investment Group you will have a secured investment with high returns. As president owner I have been doing deals like this since 1993

The 3 Rules to Investing Your hard earned Cash

1. You Must See Your Investment

2. You Must be able to Touch Your Investment

3. You Must be able to Control Your Investment

If you can not do ANY of the 3 Rules mentioned simply DO NOT invest your money in it.

Past Investment Deals

First Investment Deal of Olivia Poster

4053 Gregor St Mount Morris, MI
Zero Money Down
Purchase Price $130,000
Resale Price: $145,000
Terms for 24 months
Profit $15,000.00

Investor Testimonial

Thank you Stephanie for taking the time to share your story as we continue our journey of real estate investing together.


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