How To Make Top Dollar When Selling Your Real Estate Property

Consider ALL YOUR Options When Trying To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

1) Try selling For Sale By Owner

According to the National Board of Realtor’s less than 8% of For Sale By Owners are successful in selling their home on their own. Are YOU one of those 8%?

2) Pay a Flat Fee for the local MLS

Some Real estate and marketing companies will offer to place your property in the local Multiple Listing Services (MLS) which allows other Realtors to have access to that same database. The other services are limited and may or may not include contracts, or negotiating offers.

3) Real Estate Marketing Services

There are other flat fee servicing companies out there that provide MLS access as well for an upfront fee, but no services.

4) Sell On Auction Site

Yes you can actually advertise your property on an Auction site and sell to the highest bidder. Ebay and a couple other sites out there offer that service.

5) Sell to Us with Creative Terms

We offer to buy your home at fair market value without the cost of Realtor fees or paying closing cost.

If you are willing to wait to be cashed out 12-36 months depending on your situation you will be paid Top Dollar for Your Property.

For more details Click Here to access the different creative financing terms available as well as the Pros Vs Cons

We Pay Cash!

If you want no more hassles or headaches and just want to be cashed out we can do that too.

Please note: Our cash offers will be way below market value and may even be insulting, so seller beware.

If you have any questions contact us right away!

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