So, you want to generate up to 40% more in returns?

As a real estate investor I have a corporate housing company. We are looking for more properties across the country to fit our business model.

We tailor to upscale clients who come into to town for business, leisure or vacation get away. They need a nice clean and safe place during their stay at affordable rates. We provide that void for them through our Airbnb travel business platform.

As a Landlord here is how you would benefit-
1) You would have a secured lease with guaranteed monthly income.
2) Less of a turnover rate which will increase your yearly profit.
3) All repairs and upkeep paid by our company
4) Your property would be insured up to 1 Million dollars in case of any accidents or damage
5) Your property would always be spotless and saleable should you decide to sell.
6) No more worries of long eviction process, & court cost.
7) You receive up to 40% more in rent monthly.
8) All utilities paid by our company.
9) Our company will keep the place in better condition than any tenant because we have to always
have to impress our out of town guest.  (No Pets or Smoking allowed)
10) No more management fee cost or time spent being one.

If you currently have a property you would like to consider for our business model be sure to reach out to us directly. You will receive a prompt response and a free consolation.

Contact us today for more information!

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