Pros vs Cons of the Real Estate Buying & Selling Process

Lease Purchase Options Q & A with Jim

Lease Purchase Options and How They Work

Let’s cover questions, concerns and benefits for all parties ( Buyers and Sellers) .

Pros vs. Cons

The Pros

1) You get Full Market Value without Realtor fees or Closing cost associated with a traditional sale
2) Seller gets someone else to take over making monthly payments, repairs, & maintenance.
3) Seller avoids break ins and possible damage from a property that maybe vacant while selling
4) Seller gets non-refundable deposit so Minimum Risk if buyer defaults
5) Greater appeal to more buyers equals less time and marketing cost
6) Better quality tenants because they actually want to buy your home so they take care of it.
7) Seller gets continued tax benefits from the interest paid on your behalf
8) Sellers can target renters AND buyers which creates having the house on the market for less time
9) Less stressful because we handle everything on your behalf in a shorter time frame.

The Cons

1) Seller has to wait to get paid off in full
2) Seller may not get home sold at end of term
3) Seller is still attached to the mortgage
4) Tenant buyer could default in which you would be stuck paying the mortgage of two properties.

Visit FAQ section that covers all the different scenarios

Most of the Cons that sellers have experienced have come from them trying to do this on their own without a professional. We have been doing this since 1993 so you don’t have any of those pitfalls when working with us.